Audit Savings

There was a time in my life when I was considering going into business administration and finance. Thankfully reality hit me and I realized that this simply is not something I am suited for. I am keenly reminded of this every time I talk to my friend who works in the financial department of a large corporation. She pays a number of bills on behalf of the company and never ceases to be amazed with the amount of money that is needlessly spent on overpriced or inaccurately billed services. The company she works for could save tremendously on their telecommunications charges is they simply would have a Telecom audit performed. She has suggested it but hasn't gotten anywhere which is driving her crazy considering all the areas they are trying to make budget cuts. It is funny to think how the word "audit" invokes fear in the average person like myself but can really be a positive thing in business. I am just glad it is not me enduring her frustrations.