Brainstorming forWAHM Ideas

I thought I would get us all brainstorming for WAHM home business ideas. These are just a few that came to mind. There are a great many wonderful resources online to clear up what these jobs entail. If you have suggestions drop a comment. I am always looking for new avenues to research.
Instruct: Crafts
Instruct: Computer Related
Pet Grooming
Pet Treats and Gifts
Photo: Children
Photo: Pets
Photo: Weddings
Sell on Ebay
Virtual Assistant
Web Design
Wedding Planner
Writer: Freelance
Writer: Individualized Newspapers

There are endless possibilities for business that you can start from home and grow into a larger operation. What is really important is determining where your talents and passions lie and moving forward from there. If you truly love what you are doing it will seem less like "work". Drop a line with your own ideas!