WAHM jobs - Customer Service

More places to check for jobs from the WAHM Thread. As before I have not checked these out but they are reported to be solid opportunities. You may need to check in frequently with some of these places to update your resume and check for new opportunities. I have noticed many sites that are not hiring one day and the next there are multiple opportunities.

Customer Service
MCI- http://empapp.worldcom.com
VIP Desk- http://www.vipdesk.com
Access Ability- http://www.access-ability-usa.net
Liveops- http://www.liveops.com
Voicelog- http://www.voicelog.com
WAHA- http://www.workathomeagents.com/
Alpine access- https://www.alpineaccess.com
Customer Loyal- http://www.customloyal.com/
888 Geek help- http://www.888geekhelp.com
Beyond Marketing- http://www.beyondmarketingonline.com
Time communications- http://www.timecommunication.com
Willow (fl only)-http://www.willowcsn.com/
Vera Fast- http://www.verafast.com/